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  • H. Goudemetz
  • H. H. S. Pearse
  • H. H. Windsor
  • H. Harold Hume
  • H. Irving Hancock
Dave Darrin After The Mine Layers
Dave Darrin at Vera Cruz
Dave Darrin on Mediterranean Service - or, With Dan Dalzell on European Duty
Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis
Dave Darrin's Fourth Year at Annapolis
Dave Darrin's Second Year at Annapolis - Or, Two Midshipmen as Naval Academy "Youngsters"
Dave Darrin's Third Year at Annapolis - Leaders of the Second Class Midshipmen
Dick Prescott's First Year at West Point
Dick Prescott's Second Year at West Point - Finding the Glory of the Soldier's Life
Dick Prescott's Third Year at West Point - Standing Firm for Flag and Honor
Dick Prescotts's Fourth Year at West Point - Ready to Drop the Gray for Shoulder Straps
The Grammar School Boys in Summer Athletics
The Grammar School Boys of Gridley - or, Dick & Co. Start Things Moving
The Grammar School Boys Snowbound - or, Dick & Co. at Winter Sports
The High School Boys' Canoe Club
The High School Boys' Fishing Trip
The High School Boys in Summer Camp
The High School Boys' Training Hike
The High School Captain of the Team - Dick & Co. Leading the Athletic Vanguard
The High School Freshmen - Dick & Co.'s First Year Pranks and Sports
The High School Left End - Dick & Co. Grilling on the Football Gridiron
The High School Pitcher - Dick & Co. on the Gridley Diamond
The Motor Boat Club and The Wireless - The Dot, Dash and Dare Cruise
Uncle Sam's Boys as Lieutenants - or, Serving Old Glory as Line Officers
Uncle Sam's Boys as Sergeants - or, Handling Their First Real Commands
Uncle Sam's Boys in the Philippines - or, Following the Flag against the Moros
Uncle Sam's Boys in the Ranks - or, Two Recruits in the United States Army
Uncle Sam's Boys with Pershing's Troops - Dick Prescott at Grips with the Boche
The Young Engineers in Arizona - Laying Tracks on the Man-killer Quicksand
The Young Engineers in Colorado
The Young Engineers in Mexico
The Young Engineers in Nevada
The Young Engineers on the Gulf - The Dread Mystery of the Million Dollar Breakwater
  • H. J. L. J. Masse
  • H. J. Lawlor
  • H. J. Wilmot-Buxton
  • H. K. Shackleford
  • H. L. Gordon
  • H. L. Havell
  • H. L. Mansel
  • H. L. Mencken
  • H. L. Mencken, George Jean Nathan and Willard Huntington Wright
  • H. L. Russell
  • H. L. Stephens
  • H. Lee M. Pike
  • H. Ling Roth
  • H. Louisa Bedford
  • H. M. Cundall
  • H. M. Egbert
  • H. M. Gwatkin
  • H. M. Tomlinson
  • H. N. Brailsford
  • H. N. Crellin
  • H. N. Hudson
  • H. N. MacCracken
  • H. P. Blavatsky
  • H. P. Robinson
  • H. Perry Robinson
  • H. R. Haggard
  • H. R. Haweis
  • H. R. Hill
  • H. R. Naylor
  • H. R. Playtner
  • H. Rider Haggard
  • H. Rider Haggard and Andrew Lang
  • H. S. Armstrong
  • H. S. Caswell
  • H. S. Merriman
  • H. Stanley Redgrove
  • H. W. Boynton
  • H. W. C. Davis
  • H. W. Conn
  • H. W. Nevinson
  • H. W. Phillips
  • H. Wilfrid Walker
  • H.A. Lorentz
  • Hal G. Evarts
  • Hal K. Wells
  • Hal Standish
  • Halbert P. Gillette
  • Haldane MacFall
  • Hall Caine
  • Halliday G. Sutherland
  • Halsey Davidson
  • Hamilton Drummond
  • Hamilton Holt
  • Hamilton Wilcox Pierson
  • Hamilton Wright Mabie
  • Hamlin Garland
  • Hammurabi, King of Babylon
  • Hancock
  • Handley C. G. Moule
  • Hanford Lennox Gordon
  • Hannah Farnham Sawyer Lee
  • Hannah Flagg Gould
  • Hannah More
  • Hannah. S. Battersby
  • Hannah Trager
  • Hannah Webster Foster
  • Hannah Wolley
  • Hannibal Gamon
  • Hans Aanrud
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • Hans Gross
  • Hans Holbein
  • Hans Ostwald
  • Harl Vincent
  • Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade
  • Harlan Page Halsey
  • Harold Avery
  • Harold B. Hunting
  • Harold B Wright
  • Harold Begbie
  • Harold Bell Wright
  • Harold Bindloss
  • Harold Brighouse
  • Harold Calin
  • Harold Cox
  • Harold E. Gorst
  • Harold Frederic
  • Harold Harvey
  • Harold Howland
  • Harold J. Laski
  • Harold Leland Goodwin
  • Harold M. Sherman
  • Harold MacGrath
  • Harold P. Manly
  • Harold Picton
  • Harold R. Peat
  • Harold Speed
  • Harold Spender
  • Harold Steele Mackaye
  • Harold Thompson Rich
  • Harold W. Fairbanks
  • Harold Wellman Fairbanks
  • Harriet A. Cheever
  • Harriet Annie Wilkins
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • Harriet Camp Lounsbery
  • Harriet E. Paine (AKA E. Chester}
  • Harriet E. Wilson
  • Harriet Elizabeth (Beecher) Stowe
  • Harriet Jacobs (AKA Linda Brent)
  • Harriet Julia Jephson
  • Harriet L. (Harriet Lummis) Smith
  • Harriet L. Smith
  • Harriet Manning Whitcomb
  • Harriet Martineau
  • Harriet Myrtle
  • Harriet Parr
  • Harriet S. Caswell
  • Harriet Stark
  • Harriet T. Comstock
  • Harriet Vaughan Cheney
  • Harriett Bradley
  • Harriette Brower
  • Harriette McDougall
  • Harriette Newell Woods Baker (AKA Aunt Hattie)
  • Harrington Strong
  • Harriot Stanton Blatch
  • Harris Dickson
  • Harrison S. Morris
  • Harry A. Franck
  • Harry A. Lewis
  • Harry Best
  • Harry Castlemon
  • Harry Caulton Reeks
  • Harry Collingwood
Across the Spanish Main - A Tale of the Sea in the Days of Queen Bess
The Adventures of Dick Maitland - A Tale of Unknown Africa
The Castaways
A Chinese Command - A Story of Adventure in Eastern Seas
The Congo Rovers - A Story of the Slave Squadron
The Cruise of the "Esmeralda"
The Cruise of the Nonsuch Buccaneer
The Cruise of the Thetis - A Tale of the Cuban Insurrection
Dick Leslie's Luck - A Story of Shipwreck and Adventure
The First Mate - The Story of a Strange Cruise
For Treasure Bound
Harry Escombe - A Tale of Adventure in Peru
In Search of El Dorado
The Log of a Privateersman
The Log of the Flying Fish - A Story of Aerial and Submarine Peril and Adventure
A Middy in Command - A Tale of the Slave Squadron
A Middy of the King - A Romance of the Old British Navy
A Middy of the Slave Squadron - A West African Story
The Missing Merchantman
Overdue - The Story of a Missing Ship
The Pirate Island - A Story of the South Pacific
A Pirate of the Caribbees
The Pirate Slaver - A Story of the West African Coast
The Rover's Secret - A Tale of the Pirate Cays and Lagoons of Cuba
The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn
Through Veld and Forest - An African Story
Turned Adrift
Two Gallant Sons of Devon - A Tale of the Days of Queen Bess
Under the Chilian Flag - A Tale of War between Chili and Peru
Under the Ensign of the Rising Sun - A Story of the Russo-Japanese War
Under the Meteor Flag - Log of a Midshipman during the French Revolutionary War
The Voyage of the Aurora
With Airship and Submarine - A Tale of Adventure
  • Harry D. Kitson
  • Harry De Windt
  • Harry Emerson Fosdick
  • Harry F. Giles
  • Harry Furniss
  • Harry Harrison
  • Harry Harrison (AKA Henry Maxwell Dempsey)
  • Harry Houdini
  • Harry Kemp
  • Harry Lauder
  • Harry Lawrence Gage
  • Harry Leon Wilson
  • Harry Lincoln Sayler
  • Harry Lyman Koopman
  • Harry Moore
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Harry Snyder
  • Harry Steele Morrison
  • Harry Stephen Keeler
  • Harry Thurston Peck
  • Harry Vardon
  • Harry Vincent Wann
  • Hartley Withers
  • Hartwell James
  • Harvey Fergusson
  • Harvey Newcomb
  • Harvey Riley
  • Harvey Waterman Thayer
  • Hastings Rashdall
  • Hattie E. Macomber
  • Hattie Greene Lockett
  • Hattie Howard
  • Hattie Tyng Griswold
  • Havelock Ellis
  • Hawaii
  • Hawley Smart
  • Hayden Carruth
  • Hazel Hutchins Wilson
  • H.B. Whipple
  • H.C. Bailey
  • H.D. Traill
  • H.E. Blair
  • H.E. Butler
  • H.E. Marshall
  • Hector Berlioz
  • Hector Charles Cameron
  • Hector France
  • Hector Malot
  • Hector St. John de Crevecoeur
  • Heinrich Heine
  • Heinrich Hoffman
  • Helen Archibald Clarke
  • Helen Bannerman
  • Helen Beecher Long
  • Helen C. Black
  • Helen Campbell
  • Helen Churchill Candee
  • Helen Cody Wetmore
  • Helen Ekin Starrett
  • Helen Elliott Bandini
  • Helen Follett Stevans
  • Helen Fraser
  • Helen Fryer
  • Helen Fuller Orton
  • Helen Gray Cone
  • Helen H. Gardener
  • Helen Hay
  • Helen Huber
  • Helen Hunt Jackson
  • Helen Jackson
  • Helen Keller
  • Helen Kendrick Johnson
  • Helen M. Johnson
  • Helen M. Urban
  • Helen M. Winslow
  • Helen Maria Williams
  • Helen Marot
  • Helen Nicolay
  • Helen Reid Cross
  • Helen Reimensnyder Martin
  • Helen Rowland
  • Helen Van-Anderson
  • Helena Pretrovna Blavatsky
  • Helene A. Guerber
  • Heman White Chaplin
  • Hendrik Conscience
  • Hendrik van Loon
  • Hendrik Willem Van Loon
  • Henny Kindermann
  • Henri Barbusse
  • Henri Bergson
  • Henri de Crignelle
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